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Alpaca Shearing And Fleece Facts

Alpaca fleece is highly sought after by handcrafters and commercial markets alike because it is one of the finest natural fibers. Fibers are measured using laser scanning technology and the result is a graph called a histogram that can be used to evaluate fleeces of different alpacas.
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Alpaca fleece can be made into any products that can be made out of wool, and the result will be warmer, lighter, and softer. Many people who cannot wear wool because it is too scratchy can wear alpaca. People who are allergic to the lanolin in wool can wear alpaca, which does not have lanolin. Those who are allergic to commercial dyes can wear alpaca, which comes in over 20 natural colors.

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Alpaca Fiber Products
Alpaca is marvelous for baby clothes and luxury garments. The Japanese even make alpaca underwear!
Alpacas are sheared once a year, like sheep, using hand clippers or electric shears. The fleece is then separated into the blanket, which is the best quality, and other parts.

Josephine before shearing

Josephine after shearing

Alpaca CO-OP of North America

North American alpaca breeders have banded together to form a co-op to process fleece into yarn and other products. At Cloud Dancer Alpacas we do our own shearing. We send some of our fleece to the alpaca fiber co-op (we are proud to be a charter member) and sell some to our handcrafter friends.

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